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1) Can Paint Pucks be used in Mineral Solvents, Paint thinner, and/or Turpentine?

The Ultimate Rinse Cup™ cannot be used with these; only water. These chemicals will form cracks in the walls of the cup, eventually causing it to leak.

The Original Paint Puck® can be used with these harsh chemicals. However, as the soft rubber soaks, it absorbs the chemicals like a sponge.


Paint Pucks expand to twice their original size when used in these cleaning chemicals. If your container is too small, the Paint Puck will swell up and no longer fit in the container. Make sure your turp container is large enough to give it room to grow!

Or, we also decided to make Mini Paint Pucks - specifically for use in mineral solvents and turpentine. They start out quite small, but after soaking in solvent for a short time, they too will grow.


These Minis stop growing once they reach the size of the standard Puck size (apx 2.25 inches), allowing you to use Paint Pucks in the smallest of turp cups, without outgrowing it. The video below goes further into detail.

2) Are Paint Pucks SAFE to use in thinners when I'm painting?

Yes, Paint Pucks are safe to use in these chemicals. The Paint Pucks do not and will not "break down," or disintegrate when used in these chemicals. As explained above, the Paint Pucks swell up to twice their size, and that's about it.

When removing your enlarged Paint Puck from turpentine or mineral solvents, be careful as they are more delicate in this state. Remove them by peeling back the suction cup first, then place on a paper towel. After several hours, the Paint Puck will sweat out the chemicals and shrink back to its original size.

Always use care when handling harsh chemicals like Turpentine and Mineral Solvents!

3) Do Paint Pucks work with Makeup Brushes?


Yes, Paint Pucks can be used with your cosmetic makeup brushes. While Paint Pucks were initially conceived to revolutionize the artistic painter's common rinse cup, there is no reason why makeup enthusiasts can't find a use for Paint Pucks in makeup application and brush cleaning. 

4) Where is my order?

Your order is on the way. Paint Puck will ship direct to you from our warehouse between 2 and 4 days. To minimize spammy emails from us, you will receive your order confirmation at the same time you receive your tracking number. Thank you for your patience.

Occasionally, we have pre-order promotions where you can place your order at a discount because a product is  not yet available. These factors will always be listed on the product page before you buy! 

5) Do you sell wholesale?


Yes, we sell wholesale. There are two main ways to purchase Paint Puck products wholesale.

First, you can check out the wholesale section of our shop, which lists a few bulk items that can be purchased for your retail location quickly and  hassle-free.

If your needs are not met by the listings on that page, you can check out our price sheet with standard discounts and active promotions.


Please reach out directly via emailing or by completing the short  form at the bottom of the price sheet page.

6) Are there any new products on the way?

Yes, we are in constant development of new products. Designing and launching new products is extremely difficult and expensive. Thank you for your patience and support while we work diligently to keep adding to  our product line!

In the mean time, you can mix and match colors and sizes of Paint Puck products we currently sell right now!

Question not  here?

Thanks for your inquiry! We'll be in contact shortly.

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