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What Painting Technique Matches Your Personality?

Whether you’re new to painting or you’re already a watercolor wizard, you can bring a piece to life with the right techniques.

But there are more painting techniques than stars in the sky—choosing a technique, let alone mastering it, can take discipline and experience.

When you explore the vast number of painting techniques available to you, you have more freedom to make art your way. Every painting has a unique personality. You, the artist, transform a two-dimensional piece of canvas into a three-dimensional piece full of flair and personality.

Curious about which painting technique resonates most with you? Take this quick quiz to see which painting technique matches your personality!

1. How do you feel about making a mess when you paint?

  1. I try to use as little paint or materials as possible, so there’s not usually a big mess, anyway.

  2. I’m very methodical, rinsing brushes and catching spills as I go.

  3. It’s a bit of controlled chaos, but everything gets cleaned eventually.

  4. Oh boy. It gets pretty messy in here, I won’t lie.

2. Do you prefer to work with others or in a group?

  1. I usually prefer to work alone.

  2. I thrive working in a group, but I usually prefer being the leader.

  3. I could do either depending on the situation.

  4. I love working with other people! Two heads are better than one, right?

3. What’s your idea of a fun Saturday night?

  1. Curling up on the couch with a good book.

  2. Online gaming with my friends.

  3. Having a deep, meaningful chat with one of my closest friends.

  4. Going to the bar for a loud night with my friends.

4. What’s your favorite treat?

  1. Shortbread cookies

  2. Macarons

  3. Gourmet cupcakes

  4. Pop Rocks

5. You’ve finished your latest painting. What do you do with it?

  1. I prop the canvas against a wall or cabinet, no frame needed.

  2. I hang it precisely where I want it to go, complete with a nice frame.

  3. I give it to a good friend.

  4. Sometimes it sits in the corner for weeks and other times I just toss it. It’s about the experience!


Mostly As: Sgraffito

Sgraffito is a painting technique that carefully removes paint. Using the end of your brush or another small, pointy object, like a safety pin, sgraffito adds fine details to your paintings. This shows the underpainting of your piece, adding dimension and realism to things like grass and hair.

Like sgraffito, you’re a bit of a minimalist and believe less is more. You prefer curling up with a good book (and your art) over loud gatherings. You enjoy a little solace and me-time, but know that life is more about experiences than things.

Mostly Bs: Stippling

Have you ever seen a Pointillism painting? That’s stippling at its finest. Stippling is a painting technique that uses precise, controlled motions to leave small dots of color on the canvas. Using a very stiff brush, you’re able to layer different colors to add more dimension to your painting.

Your personality is similar to stippling. You like working in groups and taking control. You have a keen eye for attention to detail and you like to take your time. You’re okay with focusing on the small stuff, because you know it’s a grander part of the big picture.

Mostly Cs: Pouring

Pouring is a creative and mesmerizing painting technique. Using acrylic paint, you can combine multiple colors in one beautiful swirl that’s different every time. Pouring is a common painting technique for artists recreating the ocean’s waves or nebulas.

Your personality is like the pouring technique: you’re okay getting a little abstract and deep with your thoughts. Controlled chaos is the name of the game: you love the thrill of creating, but set healthy boundaries to stay focused. You’re thoughtful and intentional, but are able to go with the flow.

Mostly Ds: Splattering

Jackson Pollock popularized the splattering painting technique. You can do a splatter effect with paint when you thin acrylic paint with a little bit of water. Pop balloons filled with paint, drip it over the canvas, or flick paint from your brush—splattering is a high-energy painting technique that adds movement to any piece.

You, like the splattering technique, are high-energy and fun. You might be a little messy or disorganized, but your enthusiasm and love of life are infectious. You’re a little mischievous and love a great prank, but you’re always down for a good time with friends, too.

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